Elderly woman undergoing cancer treatment being treated humanely by nurse

Finding the Person in the Chaos of Cancer

There is a single diagnosis that terrifies us all, and that is cancer. But even with that singular diagnosis, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Along each step there are natural therapies that can be added alongside conventional care that increase efficacy and decrease side effects. There are many ways of tailoring each person’s care so that they have the best outcome possible. Did you know that there are particular diets that have been researched alongside chemo and that have been found to help increase their outcomes? There are natural therapies that can boost immune function without interfering with chemo. There are also natural agents that minimize the side effects of surgery and compounds that improve radiation therapy. There are tests that can be done on tumors that show what will be most effective against that tissue specifically and even ways of saving tissue from surgery to training immune cells to recognize it. From chemo to radiation and even surgery there are natural therapies that will augment your body and the therapy to tip the scales in your favor and move you to permanent remission.