From A to E, Fat-Soluble Vitamins and What They Mean for Your Health

Our modern nutrition has led us to believe that fat is bad. However, the brain is made of fat as is every nerve in our body and the membrane of every cell. Fat is critical to life. Fat is also necessary for all of our fat-soluble vitamins. These are vitamins like Vitamin A which helps our eyes and immune system, Vitamin D which can even decrease conditions like MS and osteoporosis, and Vitamin E that is necessary for the heart. A “fat-free” diet is a “Vitamin free diet” that compromises almost every organ in our body. As one ages they lose the ability to absorb fat. The loss of fat-soluble vitamins that happens with aging is one of the reasons our eyes, bones, and heart decline. The key to anti-aging is knowing your A to E to fight disease!!!