Couple with the cold or flu

Getting Rid of the Cold and Flu

Say goodbye to colds & flu!

The common cold robs of our days, lowers our energy, and leaves us feeling generally unwell. The common cold is spread either by direct contact with contaminated surfaces or by inhaling the airborne virus.

A healthy individual who then makes direct contact with the virus can subsequently become infected. Many of us think that it is just something that we are stuck with and have to tolerate. This is not true.

Many natural therapies can shorten the duration of symptoms. In addition to many natural therapies being useful, they are also things that you might have right at home. Garlic and onions can be used for their antiviral properties. Simple spices such as Thyme and Oregano could also be used.

There is strong research on our ability to prevent getting colds & the flu. One, for nearly all people, we recommend getting the flu shot (please check with your physician first).

Next, a healthy body can fight off a cold or flu virus before it infects you, in many cases. By strengthening the body and the immune system, you can fight and keep the illness at bay. Here’s how:

1. Stay healthy!

Get good quality sleep, eat your veggies, stay away from processed food, and reduce stress however you can.

2. Keep your immune system strong.

Probiotics and Vitamin D are the two main supplements we typically recommend to strengthen the immune system. Second, if you haven’t been focusing on gut health, Foundation Gut from Progressive Nutracare can help to strengthen the gut… after all, 85% of the immune system is in our digestive system!

3. Reduce inflammation.

Inflammation is stress manifesting itself in the body. If stress and inflammation are lower, the immune system is not distracted and is therefore stronger to fight off invaders.

4. Consider up-leveling.

A Meyer’s Cocktail IV can boost the immune system by ensuring you have the proper vitamins and nutrients for your body to fight off illness. Progressive Nutracare and our Naturopathic doctors can also suggest more potent supplements to reduce the risk of illness.

If you’re interested in having a healthy holiday, in winter without illness, and a household free of tissue piles, give Progressive a call today! Our helpful practitioners are experts in restoring immunity, building health, and strengthening the body for optimal healthy living.