Man in his home with gut pain and nausea

Heavy Metals; Are They Dragging You Down?

At Progressive Medical Center, we have observed that even when people follow healthy dietary guidelines, they can still have serious health problems. They may digest their food poorly, experience digestive distress, or be generally sickly.

One reason may be toxic metals like:

  • Mercury
  • Aluminum
  • Cadmium
  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Nickel
  • other metal poisons that flood the environment and invade your body.

These toxic metals can cause or contribute to a long list of diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other brain and neurological disorders. While the medical establishment recognizes the acute toxicity that comes from high levels of metals in your body, far more people suffer the adverse effects of low-level, chronic exposure. These low levels store in your body and can cause auto-immune conditions, increase the risk of cancer, and affect focus.

Heavy metals can be related to serious disorders, but can also be culprits for slowing metabolism. Knowing your level is critical to knowing your over all health status. It is meaningful, and highly treatable, and should not be ignored if you want to have a complete understanding of your health!

Heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium and nickel can have a negative impact on human metabolism1The accumulation of these heavy metals can destroy the main metabolic process of the human body1Redox reactions in biological systems are caused by carcinogenic metal ions such as nickel and arsenic1The free radicals produced by these reactions cause oxidative damage to proteins and DNA1Epidemiological and animal studies have suggested that exposure to heavy metals such as arsenic and cadmium can cause metabolic health problems including type 2 diabetes2It has been hypothesized that type 2 diabetes could be mediated through the gut microbiome and the metabolites it produces2.