Older couple walking together holding hands on a beach at sunset

Hormone Health; Youthification; Pathways That Slow Aging

Hormone health is about total person health. One of the reasons that hormones can be so clinically useful and can even help with “Youthification” is because they turn on our own antioxidant systems in our body. Cutting-edge research shows that hormones are not the only way to turn on these systems. This means that we can use other tools, like compounds found in broccoli, to activate pathways that will slow aging, decrease heart disease and reduce osteoporosis. This is fantastic news for those of us who may need the support of hormones but have risk factors that preclude their use, or for those of us who just want to start. Also, even though our hormones are the highest when we are young, this is when we have our lowest risk of breast cancer. By examining this paradox we can learn how to make hormones safer when we use them later in life. Listen to this show for cutting-edge research that will help you with the healthiest approach to hormones out there.