Sick woman blowing her nose because of allergies

Allergies and Immunotherapeutic Aid

Allergies can be debilitating and cause significant interruption to life’s routines. Ranging from minor irritations to potentially life-threatening circumstances, allergy symptoms can vary greatly.

Allergies occur when the human body reacts to a foreign substance—whether an environmental substance like pollen, pet dander or dust mites; a food, particularly peanuts, eggs, and dairy; insect stings, such as those from ants, bees or wasps; medications, including penicillin and related antibiotics; or other things that the body comes into contact with, like latex. Basically, anything that causes the immune system to mistake a normal item as dangerous can invoke a harmful chain reaction.

During an allergic response, the immune system produces antibodies to attack whatever foreign substance the body has encountered, with results that impact the sinuses or nasal passages, skin, digestive system or airways. The body continues to produce antibodies and histamines whenever it is subjected to the culprit, thus perpetuating an undesirable cycle.

Certain individuals are more prone to developing allergies, like those with a family history of asthma or allergies. But for those who suffer, the good news is that there are many ways to find relief.

At Progressive Medical Center, we create tailor-made immunotherapy programs designed to fit each client’s needs. Our approach focuses on strengthening the immune system and eliminating irritating allergies through a multi-phase process that involves figuring out the specific root cause.

Our Process

We bring more than 20 years of experience with natural treatments designed to target primary known causes and combat allergies. With an aim to strengthen the body’s natural line of defense against invaders, our process often includes performing a series of non-pharmacological tests to isolate issues.

Types of Testing

Most of our clients are interested in taking more holistic measures to understand their allergies, as opposed to a pharmaceutical approach. Our staff targets two key systems to understand allergic reactions: the digestive and immune systems. The types of testing we use to fight allergy inflammation include:

  • Food sensitivity
  • Gut
  • Detoxification
  • Probiotics
  • Microbiota

Go with the Gut

With more than 70% of the human body’s cells lining the walls of the gut, an imbalance in this area can reduce effective defense against infection. When the digestive system is inflamed from food sensitivities, excess yeast, parasites, or exposure to bad bacteria, the body’s reactions are often more harsh than usual.

That’s why at Progressive Medical Center, we always start with testing for food sensitivities. In fact, nearly 95% of our clients discover a previously unknown food sensitivity. We conduct thorough IgG testing for dairy, wheat, corn, soy, and eggs.

Next up, we target overall detoxification steps with a focus on restoring good flora to the gut while purging accumulated toxins, leaving our clients with optimal functionality. From here, we assist weak immune systems in gaining strength, which means customizing a program to reduce outstanding stress levels and introduce good nutrition and hydration, proper exercise, and good sleep habits.

Additional services we offer to advance positive results and fight environmental and seasonal allergies include infrared sauna, biomat therapy, IV therapy, and chiropractic adjustments. If you have questions about how we can help you combat allergies and keep your immune system strong, reach out to talk to one of our Immunotherapy Counselors today.