Woman making heart sign over her gut

Inflammation, the Silent Killer That Starts in the Gut

Many people when they think of inflammation, they think of a swollen ankle, or pain in the hip. While that is one type of inflammation, not all inflammation causes pain. Some inflammation that is directed at the heart or the brain, doesn’t make us hurt at all, rather just “burns” the organ at a faster rate so that it manifests with more problems and ultimately worse outcomes. Inflammation can be silent but deadly. We often think that conditions such as heart disease are an autoimmune condition are destined to take over the body if our mom or dad had them.

However, the more science that comes out says that most conditions are not determined by genetics, but rather the environment that those genetics are in. This is an overwhelmingly positive message, because it means if we control that environment, and lower an inflammatory environment then pathology may not even express itself, or its expression is less dramatic. But if inflammation is often silent, how do we know what to do?

Much of what starts an inflammatory process in the body, begins in the gut. The gut is our tube from our mouth, to our stomach, and intestines and all the way out. Based on flora and enzymes in the gut this is where inflammation often starts and how it persists. However, you do not have to have symptoms in the stomach or gut to have gut based inflammation. Listen to this show to find out how to find the silent killer in your body before harm is done!