Woman hands making a heart shape on her stomach

Mining the Micro-biome: From Gut Health to Whole Person Health

The frontier of the micro-biome provides an interesting area of exploration and new avenues to treat common conditions. This virtual organ inside an organ is metabolically active in its own right. We harbor 10x more microbial DNA than human DNA which has fascinating implications on health. The micro-biome influences health through CYP450 detox pathways, by regulating endocrine function and reducing loads of oxidative stress. It is a critical player in metabolism and mental health.

We will discuss what foods and dietary interventions feed your micro-biome by acting as prebiotics and other nutritional strategies of optimizing the life within us. Our gut has more microbes than there are stars in the Milky Way. An in depth understanding of their interaction with our own genetic code can begin to unravel why certain people get distinct responses from similar interventions, and gives us a route for making our therapies work better, with fewer side effects. Discover the universe within and learn how to unlock the medicine of the micro-biome.