Image of human body surrounded by viruses

Multi-system Infectious Disease Syndrome

When it rains it pours, especially with infection. When a chronic condition sets in we are all anxious to find the cause. In fact, we have been taught for a sickness, there is one drug, one prescription and therefore one “cure.” This limitation of thought is what often prevents people from getting well. As you chase one infection, often another can flare. We know that, for example, when you kill bacteria often yeast grow in its place. When a system has been under attack from a chronic infection like Lyme, the immune system is down. Just like a firewall on your computer being down, the body is now open for every virus to invade. Not only viruses, but bacteria, parasites and yeast all have an opportunistic opportunity to set up shop. You can not win the war by only fighting single infection battles. You must have a comprehensive plan of attack that recognizes the importance of killing many types of infections, all at once, as well as stimulating the immune system so that you are globally protected. Gain the upper hand against chronic infection by learning how to bolster your immune system to reclaim health.