Person dressed in white levitating an image of a brain in their hands

Nurture the Brain to Restore Your Game!

Anxiety and Depression affect millions of people. However, many of the medications recommended have a black box warning or medical warning indicating that the same medications that are used to treat depression may cause suicide. Many of the tragedies that happen in the US today may not be merely a result of depression, but some of the pharmaceuticals that are used to treat depression. It is time to do more than just give medication for a problem so complex. We must also address the reasons that depression and anxiety occur.Depression and anxiety are often situational, but many times they can point to underlying biochemical issues. By looking at reactions to foods that many lower neurotransmitters, the functioning of our organs which help us respond to stress, and nutritional parameters such as amino acids analysis we can get to the cause of why brain chemistry is not optimal. There are many natural and effective methods for increasing the health of the brain and therefore the health of the person. Nourishing the brain is an effective way to improve all kinds of issues without similar side effects.