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Why should you bother to write a review? Healthcare is becoming more corporatized.  Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal, a medical journalist who formerly worked as a medical doctor, warns that the existing system too often focuses on financial incentives over health or science. In terms of patient experience, consolidation of hospitals can have an impact on the price of care. Research shows that cities with the most hospital consolidation tend to have the highest prices for health care without any benefit for patient results1
Consolidation of hospitals started as a good idea where hospitals came together to share efficiencies. However, this consolidation trend has snowballed and skyrocketed to a point where in many parts of the country, major cities only have one or two hospital systems. This level of consolidation creates a mini-monopoly and gives the hospital systems enormous sway over price.
Hospital groups have moved big into primary care.  This  means call centers instead of talking to somebody at your doctor’s office, recorded lines and long delays for prescription refills, and a rushed meeting with your doctor with no real chance to tell your health story.  According to a study published in the Annals of Family Medicine, the average primary care physician in the United States sees between twenty and thirty patients per day1.  There’s a better way.
Progressive Medical Center is an integrative and functional medicine clinic. We’re staffed by professionals who you can reach on the phone. We care about your health and don’t dawdle on prescription refills. You’ll be able to get an appointment without waiting weeks, and when you show up, you’ll be able to have a long talk with your doctor about your own observations about your health.  Since we practice integrative and functional medicine, you’ll also have access to naturopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, and other natural specialists in the same office.  
Your review affirming our style of care can let your voice be heard in the debate over what America’s health  system should look like. Please take a moment and share your thoughts.