Summer Cucumber Salad

Summer has arrived! The sun in shining, the weather is warm, and our appetites are peaked for healthy, refreshing, fresh produce dishes! The wonderful certified nutritionists and dietitians at Progressive share with you one of their favorite summer salads, complete with fresh cucumbers, basil, and […]

How Vampire Facials Work

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) + Microneedling are your answer to claiming all the benefits of plastic surgery… WITHOUT the surgery. No recovery. No expensive bills. PRP is used in facials to turn back time and reduce fine wrinkles. It is used to stimulate and regrow hair. […]

Cancer Immunotherapy Support

Boosting Strength While Undergoing Chemo Cancer and cancer treatment have a language of their own, which anyone who has been diagnosed has had to learn to understand. This vocabulary is necessary in order to make informed decisions on the choices you have to make. On […]

Spring Detox Juices

Something about the warmer air, the green leaves, and the world coming alive makes our bodies spring to life as well. If you’re body is wanting to be healthier, or if you are due for your seasonal detox, our nutritionists have pulled together some wonderful […]

Top 10 IV’s

THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL, BUT THIS COMES CLOSE! You would have to eat 714 oranges to get the nutritional benefit of a high dose vitamin C IV.  IV Therapy is a great way to jumpstart your body. Supercharge it with nutrients, and deliver vitamins, amino acids, and minerals for your body to use to heal and thrive. Here are the TOP 10 Most popular IV’s and their superpowers #1: High-Dose Vitamin C Evidence exists documenting high dose vitamin […]