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Part 2: The Long Journey of Our Patients

Most times, we reserve this blog for educating about treatments & conditions, information such as new treatments & protocols we offer, and, sometimes, entertaining articles. While none of that is going away, it’s time to spotlight a topic that is even more important than anything mentioned above.

This is Part 2 of our series Real Stories: The Long Journey of our Patients. Besides, we could tell you anything on this website. Our patients, on the flip side, can tell you why they chose Progressive and why you should too.

Success Story #1

Wanda P.

Digestive Issues

I have been a patient with Progressive Medical for almost a year. I was having digestive issues that sent me to the hospital twice within a couple of months. In an appointment with a conventional gastroenterologist, I was told without any test being done, that I had IBS and prescribed a medicine that listed side effects that were the same and worse than my symptoms.

I decided not to take the medicine and seek naturopathic care instead. I heard of Progressive on my radio station and decided to try them. I have been pleasantly surprised with the service and care of the staff. The Doctors understand and treat with the philosophy that the whole body is connected, and needs to be treated as a whole.

I was afraid to try some of the products recommended to me at first. As I began to feel better and experienced less and less bad symptoms, I eventually took all the recommended supplements and began to see even better results. My symptoms are almost non-existent now, and are certainly not a concern as they once were. I now have a better quality of life and feel very blessed to be a patient of PM.

My questions and concerns were always addressed by phone or email which makes me feel like I am in a partnership of care for my health. Without good relationships, life is not life. I am also seeing great results with hypothyroidism. Progressive goes deeper than the surface and gets to the heart of your health issues. If you are a good student and care for your health, and believe in healing your body the safe and healthy way, you will love this place!

The dietitians are also very caring and personable. Delma was incredible and gave me so much good information. With some trial and error, I began to take charge of my nutritional needs and began to learn what foods I could eat and which ones caused distress. Nicki has also been so valuable to me especially in her assistance with finding new and healthy recipes catered to my food sensitivities!

I will admit this journey is expensive for me, but I value my health and quality of life. The only thing I suggested to Progressive Medical after becoming a patient: Please get the food sensitivity test back before putting patients on a nutritional regimen (food and products).

Dr. Hubbard as well is so knowledgeable in her field as a Dr of Naturopathic medicine. I trust my Father in Heaven first for my care. And I thank HIM for leading me to PM where He is certainly working through these two wonderful, true HealthCARE professionals.

Thanks with all sincerity,
Wanda P.”

Success Story #1

Jeremy J.

I decided to go the integrated route vs. a chemical pill from a traditional Dr. and halfway through my first 4-week detox and supplements, I am starting to feel much better!

I’m definitely noticing my sleep is better, I have a better attitude in the mornings and I’m falling asleep at my desk by 3pm! Now that’s awesome! 

Everyone at PM is super nice and very helpful. I’m looking forward to my next visit and steps to get my back to a healthy me. Because they are out my network through my insurance, I do have to pay by deductible which makes this a more expensive route for me but I would rather deal with the root cause instead of masking it with cheap pills.

“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Thank you Progressive Medical!
Jeremy J.”

All of us at Progressive Medical Center are thankful for the outcomes seen in these situations. Our passion is utilizing our professional abilities to achieve these types of results for our patients. If you would like to be a part of this series, send us an email and we’ll contact you to discuss the details of taking your story public!

There may be some of you that have seen all you need, and you now want to schedule an appointment to begin your journey. Simply call 855.766.8228 or fill out the form at the top of this page. You can get more details on our contact us page.

Finally, there are many of these stories that we will continue to share. However, we leave you with Part 2 of our video portion of this series Real Stories: The Long Journey of our Patients.