Prediabetes signs and symptoms


What is prediabetes? Is this an actual diagnosis? Isn’t diabetes similar to pregnancy in that you either are or you aren’t? you either have diabetes or you don’t? Prediabetes is a warning sign not of things to happen but of the path you are currently on.

Trends in blood sugar shifting can happen long before an actual diagnosis, however, they can begin to change your body and your health even before that diagnosis is made. If you have prediabetes this could be why you are gaining weight or feeling more run down.
Prediabetes could also be a reason for more inflammation, creating more pain and disturbances in the body. Prediabetes is a reason in itself for a lack of well-being. However, the good news is that it is entirely treatable and reversible with diet and lifestyle.

Prediabetes is a wake-up call that you need to recommit to your health. You need to begin to examine your relationship with food, you even need to examine your microbiome’s relationship with food. How we extract calories and carbohydrates that trigger insulin can be wrapped up in bugs in our gut, some good, some bad. By balancing your microbiome you can change the amount of sugar you extract from what you eat. Simple nutrient deficiencies such as Chromium and Vanadium could also play a role.

Toxicity can exacerbate damage to insulin receptors caused by too much sugar. A person that has too much toxic overload, as well as a reliance on processed food, will do much worse than the one that is just eating processed food. It is the environment that we are a part of that impacts how sugar reacts in our body and when we are mindful of both pieces we are much more prepared to change our environment and turn back the clock on a diagnosis of prediabetes. Learn how to move prediabetes into a world of no diabetes on this show, the Progressive Hour of Power.