Womans feet going on weighting scale at home

Radio Series: Don’t Lose to Weight Loss

Weight Loss can be a troubling topic for most, or something that is disregarded by others. However, it is one of our best barometers for how our body is functioning.Conventional wisdom will say calories in equals calories out. However conventional wisdom is not so wise in this case. Every person’s metabolism has a number of different factors that drive it. If you have reduced your caloric load, or increased your exercise without seeing change than something is off in your engine. Your body is telling you that you are not firing on all cylinders.Weight loss is not something achieved by a drug or starvation. Weight loss is something that is achieved when you optimize your health. Putting yourself in balance to achieve a normal weight also means achieving the healthiest you possible. Listen to your body and listen to your metabolism to be the healthiest you possible.