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Risk Factors for Osteoporosis

Are you at risk of developing osteoporosis? Here is a list of risk factors for Osteoporosis that may contribute to the development of this common condition.

Physical Factors

Sex – If you are of the female gender you are far likelier to develop osteoporosis than men. This disorder affects approximately half of women older than 50 years of age and one in four men.

Age – Aging is a natural process in which the bones and muscles throughout the body begin to break down and lose the strength they maintained during an individual’s youth. As a result, as you age your risk for developing osteoporosis increases.

Race – Caucasians and individuals of Asian descent are more susceptible to developing osteoporosis.
Genetics – A family history of developing osteoporosis, or fractures, leaves you far more susceptible to developing this condition.

Frame size – If you have a small body frame you are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis due to the lower amount of bone mass your body has to work with as you get older.

Hormonal levels – Lower levels of sex hormones are proven factors for the development of osteoporosis. Specifically, this condition is often seen in women post-menopause due to the reduction of estrogen. Consequently, other hormonal problems such as an overactive or underactive thyroid can also be influential.

There are many other risk factors that contribute to osteoporosis, such as smoking cigarettes, certain medications, diet, or other lifestyle factors.