Sick woman with a cold or the flu

Shake Off The Cold!

Are you or is someone you know always cold? Cold hands, cold feet, cold nose, cold toes?

Well, Winter is coming! And there is more cold on the way. Instead of buying a 550 fill down coat to wear at work or hiding under a pile of blankets while the rest of the family comfortably enjoys the ambient temperature, focus on fixing the root cause!

There’s a high chance that your thyroid function may be low. Luckily this is something that is easily tested for, and, for the most part, is easily treatable! Good news.

Since your thyroid is an energy center for your body, those with low thyroid levels may also feel some slumps in energy mid-day, get cold hands and feet, have trouble waking early in the morning, suffer from hair loss & brittle nails, and have a lower body temperature.

One easy indicator someone may need advanced testing is if their body temperature is consistently lower than the standard 98.6. If this is the case, Progressive can test thyroid levels, AND address various root causes that may be the culprits, potentially low Iodine levels or perhaps auto-immune responses.

A few tips your doctor may suggest for overcoming low thyroid function, although we always recommend coming in for your personalized, customized health plan from Progressive Medical Center:

  • Test your adrenals to see if they need support too
  • Heal Leaky Gut inflammation
    • Get tested for your food sensitivities and gut inflammation
    • Add Probiotics to increase gut repair
    • Increase your intake of Foundation Gut and vegetables
    • Reduce gluten and all non-sprouted grains
    • Eliminate sugar as much as possible
  • Ensure Supplement Balance
  • Detox
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