The Arthritis Revolution – Don’t Get “lame,” Stay in the Game!

Osteoarthritis and arthritis are reaching epidemic proportions. Hip and knee surgery are bankrupting our health care system, and many of these procedures have to be done more than once. However, there is a missing link in how we are treating arthritis and osteoarthritis.

The assumption is if you weigh too much and you live too long, you will of course need a knee replacement. But as Dr. Pack points out, the author of The Arthritis Revolution, the pain always starts in one joint first, then the other and there is always one that hurts more. If it were just weight and age, then both should hurt the same, because they are supporting the same weight and are the same age.

Dr. Pack explains the missing link. His work shows how important alignment is. No one is made perfectly. No one has perfect alignment. By using orthotics we can correct these imperfections that we were born with. When we distribute weight evenly we avoid damaging joints. Healthy joints are critical for a healthy life! When movement creates pain, we move less and less until we are very slowed down and out of the game of life.

Don’t get slowed down. Don’t buy into the myth that age means you will be less mobile. Learn about your alignment so that you can live a pain-free life. Don’t be “lame” – stay in the game!