Woman checking her weight on a scale

The Last Weight Loss Tip You’ll Ever Need

By now you’ve just about had it.

You’ve been exercising and eating healthy for ages, but haven’t met your weight loss goal. What gives?

It’s an issue that every whole-grain-veggie-and-lean-meat-eating health-seeker faces at some point in their fitness journey. Until you come face-to-face with one ugly truth about yourself, you’ll always be stuck in this limbo of doing the right thing, eating healthy, and yet not having the stunning body to show for it.
Once you conquer this last issue, you’ll quickly achieve your ultimate goal and will slide into the ongoing maintenance phase.

Here’s your problem: You eat too many calories.

That’s it.
Master this problem and you’ll quickly and easily achieve the body of your dreams.
“But I only eat healthy calories, so quantity doesn’t really matter,” you’re thinking.
While I applaud you for eating healthy calories, you’re fooling yourself if you think quantity isn’t an issue.

Calorie Counting Works

Have you heard of the professor from Kansas State University, Mark Haub, and his famous junk food diet?
As an experiment for his nutrition class, Haub put himself on a diet of almost exclusively candy bars, packaged cakes and processed snacks. The catch was that he only ate 1800 calories each day – when his previous diet, of normal and healthy foods, was about 2600 calories each day.

Within two months Haub had lost 30 pounds and his BMI dropped from the overweight category down to normal.

While I would never recommend eating junk food, this is quite a dramatic demonstration of how reduced calorie intake works for weight loss. How many calories do you eat each day? If you don’t know the answer, then get excited because this one weight loss tool will change everything for you.

Start Your Food Journal

Food journaling used to be a cumbersome act that involved lugging around a journal, writing down each food item throughout the day then looking everything up at the end of the day to manually tally calories.
Not so anymore.

Today food journaling has gone digital. Tracking calories takes only seconds of your time.
Download a food journal application to your smartphone and at the touch of your fingers, you’ll be able to look up food items and instantly see your running calorie tally.

Meet with your doctor to determine a daily calorie count that will allow for safe weight loss and diligently maintain that number. Eat healthy, fresh foods and when you decide to indulge, do so within your target calorie range.

This one small, proactive step will give you structure and clarity when it comes to making food choices and will quickly result in pounds lost and goals achieved.

Once your goal weight is met, your target calorie range will be adjusted for maintenance.
To meet your weight loss goal quicker, pair your calorie-specific eating with a consistent and challenging exercise routine