Heaping bowl of sugar with scoop and sugar cubes

The Sugar Epidemic

The impact of sugar has become epidemic. Once known as “adult-onset” diabetes, caused by overconsumption of sugar and carbohydrates, is now just called type II diabetes. The name had to be changed as more and more children were receiving this diagnosis which was typically reserved for those of age. Diabetes costs our health care system 254 billion a year according to the American Association of Diabetes. Its consequences are devastating, from loss of vision, feeling, kidney function and most of all quality of life. The good news is that diabetes is entirely a lifestyle disease. Unfortunately, this lifestyle advice does not become available to the patient until after there is a diagnosis. This is too late! The time to stop diabetes is before it starts. This show will focus on effective and realistic solutions to help you gain your life back. Diabetes increases our risk of fatigue, weight gain, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. Depression and attention issues can also be caused by an inability to handle sugar and carbohydrates. Decide to thrive by listening and empowering yourself to take charge of your path to health and wellness.