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Toxic Times!

The times we live in are toxic. We no longer live on the same planet our ancestors lived on. The world we face is laden with pesticides, metals and chemicals. Our country allows almost 300 different chemicals to be added to our foods, where as our European counterparts allow less than 20. Other countries have banned the genetic modification of foods, where as our country funds the genetic modification of food.

We are swimming in a sea of toxic soup, and our body is like a sponge soaking up that which it is exposed to. When we wonder why we are losing battles in health care like the war on cancer, the chemicals in the environment are a very big part of that answer. While it may seem bleak or unavoidable and therefore something that should just be ignored, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Studies show that those who are better at removing toxins from their body have fewer cancers, less heart disease and that even the aging process slows.

Simple urinary markers can be used to see how over exposed your DNA, the brain of the cell is to chemical toxicity around us. From saunas to exercise the more we augment sweat, the more toxicity we remove from out body. While the toxic sea is deep, there are many things we can do to protect ourselves including extracts from broccoli and watercress. Even probiotics play a roll in detoxification, and once we know how to use and how to choose what is right for us and our bodies ability to detox we can make profound changes in our health. Here’s to a healthier, cleaner, you.