DNA Helix Molecule Structure

Unlock Your Genetic Code

So many times we know someone who begins treatment and it doesn’t work, or it creates terrible side effects and the treatment ends up being worse than the condition itself. Doctors often say it is called the “practice” of medicine because they have to practice to get it right. Each person is unique and therefore each treatment and intervention will act in a unique way in their body.

The more understanding we have about our own body the more we can protect it and prevent disease, and the more we can pick treatments that are designed to move us forward. Our genetics are our own unique code of life waiting to be unlocked to map our path to better wellness. Our genetics dictate the color of our hair, and our eyes as well as which nutrients, medications, and even which foods and exercise are best for us.

Genetic health testing is opening new horizons in medicine.  While ancestral genetic testing has become popular and some of these tests include health profiles, they are very basic compared to targeted medical genetic testing. This sort of genome evaluation can predict exactly which painkillers will work well for a certain individual, which ones won’t, how long each one will stay in your system, and which ones the body will crave- threatening addiction.  Genetic testing may eventually be used to design unique drugs tailored just to one person’s genetics to allow effective medical and anti-aging interventions. Imagine a pill designed specifically for YOU to live longer! In the meantime, genetic testing can predict your medical future in that it reveals tendencies that you will drift toward without intervention, Armed with the knowledge that medical genetic testing can bring you can effectively retool your lifestyle to minimize the risks of illnesses, diseases, and conditions so that you live a happier, more effective life.