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Vitamin D- Everything You Need to Know – Rethink My Health Podcast Episode 6

Welcome to episode 6 of Rethink my Health podcast where we discuss healthcare topics that matter the most. We get to the root cause and empower you, the listener, to take charge of your health. On today’s episode of Rethink my health, Dr. Gez Agolli and Dr. Cheryl Burdette will be talking about the benefits of vitamin D. The team digs deep into the science of Vitamin D and why it is important to life. We have seen vitamin D prevalent in today’s media coverage regarding the role Vitamin D can play in immune function. This is particularly important coming out of a pandemic when it’s more important than ever to have optimal immune function. The team will delve into the research on how Vitamin D works with your immune system. How is Vitamin D tested? What is a healthy vitamin D level? And when should I be considering supplementation? Listen to the latest episode to empower you to take action to boost your immune system, lower inflammation, and have a healthier you!