Buyer Beware–What Is the Data on Supplementation?

With news articles circulating and information whirling about supplements, their quality, and efficacy it becomes increasingly difficult for a person to know if they should be on supplements and even more difficult which ones they should be on. The media is full of all kinds of claims, both good and bad. One day the same supplement that was bad for us, becomes miraculously good for us in the next study. Confusion takes over, and one is left with where to turn. Tonight’s shows will discuss why you might see radical differences from one study to another. We will examine what you need to look at when determining if the supplement is good quality or not. We will teach you a few simple bottle checks that will help you discriminate if you are working with a quality product or something that is more likely to cause harm vs. good. In the confusion, a few pearls of information will help you road map quality from junk, and keep you on the path of wellness.