Woman with digital x-ray of human intestine holographic scan evaluating gut health.

Why Is Gut Health So Important?

Gut health affects so much more than just noticeable digestive disorders… and it of course affects them too: GI issues, digestive troubles, constipation, bloating, and on. But poor gut health, even unnoticed, can be the main culprit behind anxiety, mood disorders, impulse control, ADHD, sexual health, autism, autoimmune disorders, arthritis, MS, and more.Gut health is critical to SO MANY elements of our well-being. It is rare that any conventional doctor will check the details of the gut. Even a (dreaded) colonoscopy only looks at surface-level macro damage to the digestive tract. At Progressive, we non-invasively look deeper… that is, we look microscopically.

Our Gut health analysis looks at more: the microbiome, the tightness of gut junctures, and the level of inflammation in your gut. In addition, we can analyze the digestive enzymes and bacteria in the stomach, leading into your gut. This way, we can determine exactly where and exactly what is causing you issue.

Surprisingly, most people with gut issues do not think they have much of an issue at all… sure they don’t “go” but every other day, but that’s normal to them, right? sure they have gas sometimes, but don’t we all? sure they don’t feel rested after sleeping, but that’s just life, right? sure they feel tired often, but they’re just busy… or is there another issue at play?

The Gut is responsible for the production of the neurotransmitter GABA which helps with sleep quality and with feelings of ease/happiness. When it is low, people may get restless sleep, feel anxious, and feel more stress. When the gut isn’t working properly, GABA is quite often disrupted. This is just one of many factors a healthy gut can help regulate.

If you’re over 35 or having issues you suspect to be gut-related, it’s wise to have your Gut Health Profile tested and updated annually at a minimum. Call Progressive’s Patient Care Coordinators today to ask your questions and learn more about our advanced gut testing options.