Why You Should Be Taking Glutathione- Rethink My Health Podcast Episode 8



Welcome to episode 8 of the Rethink my Health podcast where we discuss healthcare topics that matter the most. We get to the root cause and empower you, the listener, to take charge of your health. On today’s episode of Rethink my health, Dr. Gez Agolli and Dr. Cheryl Burdette will be talking about why you need to be taking Glutathione. Glutathione is a Tri-Peptide that naturally occurs in the body. Your body primarily creates glutathione to be your body’s master antioxidant. Oxidation is the process by which free radicals can cause tissue damage by “stealing electrons” from cells and tissue. Our body creates and utilizes Glutathione to prevent oxidative damage to the body. The problem is your body may not make enough and supplementation becomes a good strategy. From detoxification, anti-oxidant protection, neurological applications, and immune support for cancer listen to the most recent episode of Rethink My Health and learn more about Why You Should Be Taking Glutathione.