Carol Thompson

Billing Manager

Carol Thompson

Carol Thompson, our Billing Manager, oversees our billing system. Carol has been working with Progressive Medical Center for 3 years. Prior to that, she had worked for 7 years as a billing supervisor for two different chiropractic facilities.   Carol graduated from Kaplan University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management.

Carol enjoys listening to a good audible suspense novel and spending time with her daughter. 

Carol believes that you have to move forward in life and not dwell on things you cannot control. She brings a lot to the table when she’s working with a company.  Carol does not like to see things slip through the cracks, so she takes responsibility for the details and works diligently to ensure a good outcome when there is a problem.  Carol strives to assist any of our patients, providers, and team members with issues to arrive at an optimal solution.

Carol’s attention to detail and willingness to quickly fix any issues is an asset to Progressive Medical Center and our patients. We strive to produce accurate and timely billing, and Carol is a big part of that effort.