Gena Mastrogianakis, MD

Integrative & Functional Medicine located in Dunwoody, Atlanta, GA

About Gena Mastrogianakis, MD

Gena Mastrogianakis, MD

Dr. Mastrogianakis is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician.  She received her undergraduate degree from Florida Gulf Coast University, Medical Doctorate from St. Christopher’s College of Medicine, and completed her Family Medicine Residency at Emory University.

Between medical school and residency, Dr. Mastrogianakis spent 3 years as the Senior Research Project manager of an NIH Pilot Study out of Emorys’ Winship Cancer Institute in the department of Neurosurgery called the Tissue Cancer Genome Atlas.  She was a collaborator on the successful completion of two publications in the scientific journals Nature and Cell.  Dr. Mastrogianakis spent an additional two years in the department of Neurosurgery at Emory working for the Vice Chair creating and managing a Pituitary Tumor Database, as well as participating in clinical research that resulted in journal publications.

During her three year Family Medicine residency at Emory, Dr. Mastrogianakis was a voting member of the Legislative Committee for the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians.  She also served as a community educator for cardiovascular health in a GAFP funded pilot study.  Dr. Mastrogianakis was one of eight family physician volunteers that conducted annual sports physicals in the community for over 400 high school athletes.

She is passionate about Integrative and Holistic medicine.  She enjoys spending time getting to know her patients and formulating a diagnostic and treatment plan to address not only the symptoms, but the cause of the symptoms.  Currently, Dr. Mastrogianakis is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and is working on her certification through the organization.  She has been training in oxidative therapies, including joint injections and major auto-hemotherapy as adjuncts to allow healing of the body.

Dr. Mastrogianakis is a native of Westchester, NY.  She currently resides in Atlanta where she lives with her husband and two children.  Her hobbies include family time, exercise through CrossFit, church activities, being outside in nature (mostly at a beach), reading and engaging in good dialog.  She is adventurous and loves to learn new things.  Future ambitions include learning acupuncture, applied kinesiology and osteopathic manipulation.

She goes by Dr. “Mastro” for short.