Loren Psalidas


About Loren Psalidas, RD

My interest in nutrition started as a teen. As an adult, I had fellow employees ask for guidance with their nutrition and diet. I realized this was my passion. After moving to Georgia I pursued a/my dietetics degree. Then, the internship consisted of several types of places a dietitian would work (dialysis, Dekalb hospital, Emory hospital for Bariatric, private practice for eating disorders, and Integrative Functional Medicine). I favored the more holistic approach combined with the traditional approach for healing the body. At Progressive Medical Center, I work with all sorts of patients. Those trying to formulate diets for weight loss, those needing nutritional advice to help manage chronic diseases, those needing guidance avoiding food allergies and sensitivities and how to integrate an elimination diet into their lives, and athletes who are looking to optimize nutrition so as to improve performance, among others.

Experiencing different health issues over the years of my own has provided me with an understanding of what patients I see today are experiencing. 

Born and raised until age 15 in Pennsylvania, I thoroughly enjoyed the snow days.

In my free time some things I enjoy are time with friends, movies, bike riding, walks, card and board games.