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There are many potential toxins in the environment, from pollution in the air to pesticides in food. Your body can’t look after itself properly when it’s full of toxins, but you can get rid of them by following a detoxification program at Progressive Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Benjamin Johnston Sr., MD, and the team use natural methods to extract harmful toxins and restore your health. To find out more about detoxification or book your appointment, call Progressive Medical Center or use the online form to schedule a consultation today.

Detoxification Q & A

Why should I consider detoxification?

Detoxification is a process that’s worth considering because, every day, you absorb toxins that can severely impact your overall health and wellness. Over time, these environmental poisons negatively affect your energy levels, mood, metabolism, and immune system function, which not only compromises your quality of life but can also cause disease.

One of the problems with the buildup of toxins in your body is that it’s typically a slow process, so you assume it’s normal or due to aging. In fact, feeling exhausted and sick or struggling with your weight is not normal.

Your body is attempting to heal itself, but it can’t while the toxins are preventing natural repair and regeneration. Only by removing the toxins can your body truly heal itself, which is why the detoxification services at Progressive Medical Center are so beneficial.
What does detoxification involve?

The Progressive Medical Center team believes detoxification requires an integrative approach for optimal body cleansing. Therefore, your provider is likely to use both internal and external forms of treatment to ensure the best possible results.

The first step is to find out what toxins are currently affecting you. The detoxification team at Progressive Medical Center uses evidence-based testing methods to measure the levels of specific toxins in your body, and then creates a customized detoxification program that suits your individual needs.
What treatments might my detoxification program include?

Every patient’s detoxification program varies but could contain treatments such as:

Nutraceutical therapy

Nutraceuticals are foods and supplements that have a beneficial effect on your health. They typically form the basis of detoxification, helping to rid your body of toxins while addressing any nutrient deficiencies at the same time. Your provider recommends a combination of specific foods, botanicals (plant substances), herbs, and vitamins.

Sauna therapy

Health spa saunas are often unbearably hot and steamy, and you may find it difficult to breathe. However, Progressive Medical Center has advanced infrared saunas that produce healthy, soothing heat.

Infrared technology uses light that heats your body from the core instead of just warming the air, delivering detoxification at the cellular level where toxins tend to be.

IV therapies

IV (intravenous) therapies are infusions of herbs, botanicals, minerals, and vitamins that you receive into your bloodstream through a needle in your arm. IV therapy is one of the best ways of getting active detox ingredients into your body.

Progressive Medical Center’s IV suite offers a range of therapies, including energy infusions, chelation therapy (which can help eliminate heavy metals from your body), and malnutrition infusions, as well as the detoxification blend.

BioMat® therapy

BioMat is a pad that uses infrared heat and contains amethyst crystals, which enable heat to penetrate more deeply into your cells. It has many beneficial properties, including aiding detoxification by speeding cellular renewal and reversing the progress of degenerative diseases. BioMat therapy is also enjoyable and relaxing.

To schedule your detoxification program, call Progressive Medical Center or book an appointment online today.