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Excess body weight is a health issue that affects 20% of 6-19 year-olds and an astounding 73% of adults. Of the adults, 42% have a body weight that qualifies as obese. Benjamin Johnston Sr., MD, and the team at Progressive Medical Center offer a medical weight loss program that succeeds where others fail. They use advanced testing and diagnostics to fully individualize your weight loss plan while providing personal support from a team of medical weight loss specialists. If you’re ready to start a journey toward better health, call the office in Atlanta, Georgia, or book an appointment online today.

Medical Weight Loss Therapy Q & A

How does weight loss improve my health?

Carrying excess weight results in serious consequences that affect your long-term health. Fat cells release a range of hormones and biochemicals that cause body-wide inflammation and health problems such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Some types of cancer

The stress on your musculoskeletal system significantly increases your risk of developing osteoarthritis and lower back conditions.
What are the benefits of medically supervised weight loss?

Progressive Medical Center gives you the full support of a team of medical weight loss doctors, dietitians, wellness coaches, and personal trainers. The entire team focuses on your health and well-being.

They create a truly personalized weight loss plan with advanced testing:

Diagnostic blood tests
Your provider does diagnostic testing that reveals every issue that could hamper your ability to lose weight, from hormonal imbalances and gastrointestinal problems to food sensitivities and allergies.

Genetic testing
Pathway Fit genetic testing shows how your body processes fats, sugars, vitamins, and nutrients, as well as how your body responds to different types of exercises.

Full-body analysis
You get an in-depth analysis of your weight with the Fit3D 360 body scanner. In 35 seconds, the device provides information about your lean mass, fat mass, body fat percentage, circumference measurements, and posture.

What medical weight loss services might I receive?

Progressive Medical Center uses all the information obtained from your tests to create a medical weight loss plan that works for your body. Your program includes services such as:

Nutritional counseling
Nothing impacts your weight loss as much as the nutrients and calories you consume. The team’s registered dietitian helps you set sustainable calorie and weight loss goals, create a balanced meal plan, and learn how to choose healthy foods.

Personal training and exercise plan
The personal trainers at Progressive Medical Center create a fun exercise plan that fits your lifestyle. They provide encouragement and support at every stage, fine-tuning your exercise regimen as your fitness improves.

Bioidentical hormone balancing
Your hormones can work against you by stopping your body from burning fat and slowing down your metabolism. If your tests show hormone imbalances, bioidentical hormones are specially compounded to match your biogenetics and support your weight loss.

CryoTone eliminates localized areas of fat that stick around even after you lose weight. It uses cold temperatures to freeze fat cells without damaging your skin and other tissues. The frozen fat cells break down, and your body eliminates the debris.

Strawberry Lift LaserLipo®
The Strawberry Lift slims down your cheeks, chin, and jowls. The device uses gentle laser energy to break down fat cells, tighten your skin, and stimulate collagen production.

MIC injections
MIC injections contain four fat-fighting nutrients: vitamin B12, methionine, inositol, and choline. You receive weekly injections to help your body burn more fat.

Far-infrared sauna
The sauna wraps you in infrared heat that rids your body of toxins and increases caloric burn.

You may need nutritional supplements or weight loss supplements to kick-start your diet. Customized supplements are available at Progressive Medical Center’s on-site nutraceutical supplement store.

If you’re ready to lose weight, call Progressive Medical Center or book an appointment online today.