Woman drinking a smoothie for detoxification

Detoxification Therapy

It’s a toxic world…we’re just livin’ in it!

Every day we eat, breathe and absorb toxins from the world in which we exist which can severely affect our overall health and wellness. Even when we eat well and exercise regularly the fact of the matter is we live in a toxic world. Over time, poisonous toxins take a toll on our energy level, metabolism, immune system, and mood. This ultimately compromises our quality of life and can lead to disease.

Many of us are sick and don’t even realize it.

The process can be a slow progression and we just accept the way we feel as normal. The truth is that feeling tired, overweight, and sick is not normal. Your body wants to heal itself but to do so the negative elements or toxins that inhibit its ability to restore balance must be removed. This is where Detox therapy Solutions by Progressive can help.

We’re here to help! Just as with every area of healing, Progressive Medical Center believes that optimal body cleansing and detoxification requires an integrative approach that utilizes several internal and externally targeted elements of treatment that ensure the best results possible. The physicians and detoxification specialists at Progressive Medical Center employ science-based, comprehensive testing methods to accurately identify each patient’s levels and specific types of toxicity. We then develop a custom-tailored detox solutions program for their individual needs.

While every patient’s personalized plan will vary, we’ve found that three methods of detoxification tend to be the most effective and are compromised of food, botanicals, and herbs/vitamins. Some plans may also consist of:

Supporting Nutraceuticals for Detox Therapy – Rid Your Body of Toxins Today

Nutraceuticals play an important role in any detox solutions program and are comprised entirely of food, botanicals, herbs, or vitamins. They aid the body in ridding itself of toxins and fill in the nutritional gaps. They can do this without any of the negative side effects associated with conventional medicines. Our team of physicians can develop a Nutraceuticals plan that best suits your body’s specific detoxification needs. Contact us today in Atlanta, GA to start your path to healing.

Detoxification Q & A


Detoxification is a process that’s worth considering because, every day, you absorb toxins that can severely impact your overall health and wellness. Over time, these environmental poisons negatively affect your energy levels, mood, metabolism, and immune system function, which not only compromises your quality of life but can also cause disease.

One of the problems with the buildup of toxins in your body is that it’s typically a slow process, so you assume it’s normal or due to aging. In fact, feeling exhausted and sick or struggling with your weight is not normal.

Your body is attempting to heal itself, but it can’t while the toxins are preventing natural repair and regeneration. Only by removing the toxins can your body truly heal itself, which is why the detoxification services at Progressive Medical Center are so beneficial.
What does detoxification involve?

The Progressive Medical Center team believes detoxification requires an integrative approach for optimal body cleansing. Therefore, your provider is likely to use both internal and external forms of treatment to ensure the best possible results.

The first step is to find out what toxins are currently affecting you. The detoxification team at Progressive Medical Center uses evidence-based testing methods to measure the levels of specific toxins in your body, and then creates a customized detoxification program that suits your individual needs.