Waiting area of Progressive Medical Center in Atlanta

Progressive Medical Center

Integrative Functional Medicine & Health and Wellness Center Located in Dunwoody, GA
Chiropractic treatment area at Progressive Medical Center in Atlanta

Progressive Medical Center

Integrative Functional Medicine & Health and Wellness Center Located in Dunwoody, GA
Progressive Medical Center in Atlanta building

Progressive Medical Center

Integrative Functional Medicine & Health and Wellness Center Located in Dunwoody, GA

Root Cause Medicine :: The Progressive Method

Since 1998, we’ve helped over 40,000 patients get to the root cause of their chronic illness and find the healing options that they’d been searching for.

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About Our Practice

Progressive Medical Center proudly offers functional, integrative, and holistic medicine for the whole family. At the office in Atlanta, Georgia, Benjamin Johnston Sr., MD, and a team of skilled medical professionals have served more than 40,000 patients over the last two decades. They help each person achieve optimal health and wellness by targeting the root cause of their problems, not just their symptoms.

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Your Leading Digestive Health Experts

Health comes from within. At Progressive Medical, we have the most advanced and caring team of digestive experts in the Southeast, to treat any digestive disorder from IBS to Crohns to “simple discomfort & irregularity.” Our practice helps patients turn their lives around through our recommendations, therapies, and treatment protocols.

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What Our Patients Say

“Very grateful and appreciative I was recommended to this medical center and I’m looking forward to the positive results of our partnership to improve my health.”


“I am so grateful for the team at Progressive Medical Center for helping restore my health.”


“Everyone I had contact with was super and delivered “WOW” customer service.”


“Our go to for food allergy sensitivity testing and the biofeedback has done wonders for my mom’s overall wellbeing. We also appreciate all the care you get at their NUTRACARE store with a diverse selection of supplements and locally made products.”


“I would strongly recommend anyone who has not had much success with conventional medical approaches to at least see what Progressive can do for you.”


“They are very thorough. They asked me so many questions to try to get to what the “cause” of my issues might be instead of rushing to a quick diagnosis. I also could tell that they cared and want to make a difference.”


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Functional Medicine Testing for the Win!

Functional Medicine Testing for the Win!

Many of us think of medical testing ordered by our doctor as something to fear because it often isn’t ordered in conventional medicine offices unless the doctor fears something is wrong. Conventional medicine also tends to have a relatively narrow range of testing they will order on a patient, at least at a primary care doctor. What's more, many of those tests are designed to show only large departures from normal- you either do or don’t have a condition- the reference ranges are designed to quickly pick out those that meet the threshold to be treated by the standard of care and for prescription drugs.
Salvaging New Year’s Resolutions

Salvaging New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Day has come and gone, and for many people, so has their commitment to their New Year’s Resolutions. So why do so many people fail to keep their resolutions and give up well before January is over? How can you salvage your resolutions and keep them going strong throughout the year? Here’s a list of some ideas to get you back on track and help accomplish those health goals for the year.
The Core Gut Health Principles

The Core Gut Health Principles

On today’s episode of Rethink my Health, Dr. Gez Agolli welcomes Dr. Lee Howard on the show to discuss gut health. Dr. Howard is a board-certified general surgeon, a cosmetic surgeon, and a functional medicine practitioner. They dicuss: What are the fundamental keystones to healthy gut function? What does our conventional medical system get wrong about gut health? Why aren’t more healthcare practitioners taught these key fundamentals in medical school?