Man checking weight and waist size with measuring tape

A Healthy Life Is Worth the “Weight”

Weight loss is one hot topic. More than 40% of people that visit their physician have a concern related to their weight. However, what are the main areas that you can focus on to make weight loss a reality?

A Healthy Thyroid

How does the Thyroid cause weight gain?
The source of metabolism, in the body, is a small butterfly gland that packs a big punch. Your thyroid!
If thyroid levels are out of balance (hypothyroidism), it can cause you to gain weight. It is also harder to lose weight when this master organ is not working at it’s optimal level.

Adrenal Support

What is the relationship of weight loss and adrenal glands?
High cortisol levels, produced by the adrenal glands, are generally triggered by stress. Stress can be physical, mental, or both. The body cannot tell the difference.
Over time, your adrenals become fatigued, which slows the rate of cortisol production. This leads to adrenal fatigue, which increases the chances of weight gain.


Get Creative to Maintain Consistency
Exercising is about burning calories and fat, in order to lose & maintain a steady weight.
Going to the gym is a great, and the most common form of exercise, but it is not the only form of exercise.
Exercise can be walking your dog, playing with your kids, or walking with your spouse. All are effective methods of exercise for weight loss.
Become more active! There’s no one “right” way to exercise. The key is being active!

Healthy Eating Habits

Eating a diet that works for your particular body is key. Take into account your food allergies, which add pounds due to inflammation. There are many diet variations, but you should do what is best for your body.
The components of a healthy diet consists of vegetables and clean protein. The more organic you can eat, the better. The goal of weight loss is not to starve your body. Instead, providing your body with the necessary nutrients that it needs on a daily basis is the goal.

Water’s Role in Weight Loss

Drinking pure water stimulates weight loss. When hydrated, your tissues become saturated with fluid which decreases joint discomfort & inflammation. The less discomfort you feel, the more likely you are to become active.
Most people also confuse thirst for hunger, so they increase their food intake. If you reach for the midday snack, try a glass of water first. This will determine if your pangs are hunger or thirst related.
You should drink half your body weight, in ounces, of water. For example, if you weigh 120 pounds, you should drink at least 60 ounces of water daily. If you are exercising or engaged in strenuous activity, you should drink even more!

Consult Your Physician

Before beginning a diet and exercise routine, contact your physician. Your physician will discover any deficiencies in your thyroid & adrenal gland function. They will also guide you in finding the right diet and exercise program to maximize your weight loss.

Don’t Give Up!

Weight loss takes time and determination. Don’t expect results overnight! Many people give up too soon because they do not see the results immediately.
Find something to focus on like your family or health. Proper exercise and diet are ways to prevent cancer and heart disease, which can extend your life. Having goals to focus on increases the chances you will stay committed and lose weight!