Elderly woman exercising with weights and smiling

Bone Health Is So Much More Than Calcium!

We’ve all seen the ads for “drink more milk” to optimize bone health, but are milk and dairy products really the answer? Bone health is related to more than how much calcium we consume in a day, and is significantly influenced by factors such as:
Hormones- did you know that progesterone levels are at least as important as estrogen levels for optimal bone health?
Diet- did you know that the Standard American Diet (SAD) tends to deplete calcium and other minerals from bone over time?
Exercise- did you know that weight bearing exercise is essential to provide the “stress” on bone required to keep it strong?
Stress- did you know that chronic stress can elevate hormones that contribute to bone breakdown?
Medications- did you know that certain medications can inhibit your ability to absorb the minerals necessary for optimal bone health?

So what is the solution?

For those who want to maintain strong bones and avoid taking drugs that can have nasty side effects and stay in your system as long as 10 years, there is another way! Evaluating your actual “real time” bone metabolism is a first step, and can easily be done with a test you do in the convenience of your home. Other important and relevant testing would evaluate your hormones and adrenals.
Once we know what is actually going on with bone metabolism, hormones, and adrenals, we can customize a plan of action that will help to either maintain bone health or rebuild bone that has been lost. Rebuilding overall health, which includes bone health is what you can expect from the integrative medicine practitioners at Progressive!
To learn more about how Progressive Medical Center can help you achieve and maintain optimal bone health, find our location nearest you, and schedule your appointment today!