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Boost Your Digestion, Boost Your Health!

Every week we hear some new information with the latest insight into our health. There is so much information out there is hard to sort through what is right for you!

Everyone wants to eat properly and do the right exercises, but it can still all get a bit overwhelming with the supplement fads and diet trends that seem to come and go with each season.

How can I really gain insight into my health in a world that couldn’t seem more diluted?

The truth is we can simplify the issue as much as possible by understanding that the barometer for our overall health begins and ends with our digestive system. Our health is literally happening within the digestive system’s ability to breakdown, absorb, assimilate, and eliminate everything we eat.

The problem for the vast majority of us is that beginning in our youth we develop bad habits, imbalances, and dysfunctions that can plague us for a lifetime.

To add insult to injury if you experience actual symptoms such as indigestion, heartburn, bloating, and constipation our medical system isn’t trained to identify the cause but rather connect you to whatever medication you need.

Take a little purple pill or a high potency laxative and the problem is “solved”. Not only are you not getting better but you’re likely masking a problem that will eventually lead to even greater challenges ahead.

In other words, folks, we’ve got to take control of our health. 

6 Keys to Regaining Your Health Through Digestion:

  1. Chew your food – this is the easiest thing anyone can do to insure proper digestion and most people don’t. We shovel meals as quickly as possible while driving, talking, and washing it down with sodas and teas. Before you eat stop, recognize that you are feeding yourself, downshift your stress levels, and CHEW YOUR FOOD. Your body will thank you!
  2. Reduce Inflammation – the fire of chronic digestive inflammation has to be extinguished in order even begin to rejuvenate your intestinal tract. Most people don’t know they have inflammation in the gut, because they don’t feel it directly. At Progressive, we test for levels of inflammation, and can recommend products like Foundation Gut Enhancement, Probiotic Complete , and Intestamine- products that can reduce gut inflammation and heal leaky gut.
  3. Balance Stomach Acid – Believe it or not most people produce TOO LITTLE stomach acid, as opposed to too much. Low stomach acid means slow digestion, and that can result in acid reflux, gas from undigested food, and malabsorbtion if the food isn’t broken down for your body to digest properly.  Prozyme is a good product to take with meals to support healthy acid levels along with extra enzymes to support better digestion.
  4. Have regular bowel movements – Healthy people should be having at least 2 bowel movements a day. Many struggle with this for a multitude of reasons. To help ignite the “peristalsis” (or transit time) we recommend Natural Calm magnesium, the healthiest way to increase bowel elimination. We also recommnend further analysis as to why you are eliminating slowly.
  5. Remove waste – Over time our bowels accumulate toxic matter that chronically makes us feel sick and tired. Any digestive rejuvenation program should consist of a digestive cleanse to eliminate a lifetime of neglect to this area, we recommend Colon Hydrotherapy with Ilan Irie and a collection of products such as EZ Fiber and Colon Assist.
  6. Uncover hidden food sensitivities -most of us have a collection of hidden foods that make us chronically sick or at least rob us of energy. Solution, get tested at our facility and remove these foods from your diet. If now is not a good time, we recommend a 4 week period of no dairy, gluten, soy, peanuts, and eggs. These are the most common foods our bodies develop resistance to and one month away from them can not only change your life but help you identify which foods to avoid if you want to stay healthy.

And a bonus final 7th suggestion, visit Progressive Medical Center to get to the root cause of your digestive issues. Whether your needs are to increase your overall intestinal health through a customized treatment protocol or to identify and treat a specific indication, then our physician team at Progressive Medical Center can help.

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