Close up of red heart and stethoscope representing cardiovascular and metabolic health

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health

Progressive Medical’s Signature Cardio/Metabolic Profile

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer today. The worst part is that symptoms typically do not show up noticeably prior to something like a heart attack or a stroke occurring. That’s scary.

Is there something we can do about it? YES

Is there a way to test for early detection that isn’t widely used? YES.

Routine biomarkers of cardiovascular health, such as cholesterol/HDL/LDL, are not very predictive of health troubles. Progressive has developed advanced screenings, all of which are non-invasive and easy tests on the patient.

Included in Progressive Medical Center’s signature Metabolic & Cardiovascular panel, is Oxidized LDL. It is one of the key markers that everyone should be testing for on an annual basis after the age of 45, especially for those with high-stress lifestyles.

Why? Oxidized LDL is 17 times more predictive of cardiovascular disease than LDL alone. We can catch culprits in the process before the disease takes hold, allowing us to put a preventative program in place.

The Cardio/Metabolic test will also measure key elements of metabolism: adiponectin and leptin which tell the body to burn and store fat. These markers are early warning signs of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Sugar processing ability is also measured through Glycomark, which tells us how the body handles sugar. This will also prevent diabetes and even dementia as the brain is very fragile in the presence of uncontrolled sugar.

Progressive’s signature Metabolic & Cardiovascular panel is more advanced, comprehensive, and predictive than what you will find in any standard medical care.

To check your Oxidized LDL levels, please call today. It could prevent a heart attack.