EP 40: The Root Cause of Depression

There are over 20 million documented forms of depression in the United States.

“Depression is one of the world’s most common health conditions. It’s estimated that one-in-three women and one-in-five men have an episode of major depression by the age of 65.” (Dattani, Our World in Data, 2022)

“Depression is technically a mental disorder but also affects your physical health. It may impact everything from your heart, kidney, nervous system, and immune system health.” (Healthline)

“depressive symptoms are associated with (1) spending less time in social interaction, (2) spending time with similarly depressed others, (3) spending time in pair-wise interactions rather than group interactions” (Elmer, Nature, 2020)

There is also a stigma that comes with depression where people don’t want to talk about it. Today, we help break down that stigma by discussing:

  1. What causes depression?
  2. What’s the youngest age children are diagnosed with depression?
  3. The impact depression medication has on your body.
  4. Is depression a disease or a symptom of another disease?
  5. The different types of depression.
  6. The type of diet that helps decrease depression.