From Dysfunctio​n to Function-A Functional Approach to Neurology

Many neurologic diagnoses can seem that one is being robbed of life and that there is nowhere to go, and no answers to find. While a diagnosis such as Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, ALS, and neuropathies can seem overwhelming, there are some common nutritional interventions that can make a huge difference in progression of these condition. Diet interventions have strong evidence in neurologic conditions for greatly improving and slowing disease. Ataxias and tremors can completely resolve with certain dietary modifications and changes. Neurologic conditions can improve when antioxidant status improves as well. The brain and therefore all things neurologic improve when brain nutrients are given. Nutritional IVs, certain probiotics, and healthy fats will all improve outcomes in a neurologic approach. Mitochondrial assessment can also be very valuable and nutrients are one of the key ways to improve this. There is hope, and there is health in the maze of neurologic treatment.