Elderly Man with headache clutching his temples

5 Alternatives to Rid You of a Headache So You Can Get on With Your Day!

Go to almost any home in America. Open the medicine cabinet. What’s the first thing you see? I’ll bet, that 9 times out 10, it’s probably some pain reliever—Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, or any generic ibuprofen. In our fast-paced lives, nothing seems easier that taking a household-name pill to solve every problem. But, what do we when those go-to cures stop doing anything at all? We, at Progressive Medical Center, are here for those days with better ways to alleviate the annoyances of headaches.

1. Stretching

As simple as it sounds, we generally take this very obvious solution for granted. Between cradling phones between our ear and shoulder, carrying bags that are too heavy, and sitting in unsupportive chairs for too long, our necks are under constant stress. This leads to severe tension headaches. Unfortunately for some of us, we can’t put our phones down or pick better chairs, but we can take five minutes out of our days to give our necks some R&R.

2. Hydrating

It’s common knowledge that drinking water during a hangover after a night of drinking is one of the most foolproof ways to feel better, but hydrating can also cure everyday headaches and make migraines more bearable. Our brains and hearts are very sensitive to changes in water quantity in the body. Our nervous systems turn this into headaches because of reduced blood flow to the brain. The more water we have in our bodies, the easier our hearts can pump blood into our brains efficiently.

3. Nutrition

Eating well is vital to a healthy, successful life. But, proper nutrition isn’t just about caloric intake, contrary to popular belief. In fact, diet and nutrition play an integral role in the severity and frequency of headaches. Many tension headaches and migraines can be attributed to deficiencies or excess of vitamins or minerals in the body, such as potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium and many others. It’s incredibly easy to remedy this. Make an appointment with nutritional counselor or have a diagnostic test and learn easy ways to improve your body’s health, drastically.

4. Allergies

Allergies have a host of inconveniences: runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, and general irritation. Headaches also tag along. The histamine release, triggered by an allergic reaction, can result in sinus pressure. For many people, these reactions are mild enough that the only side effect is a headache with a seemingly mysterious cause. Again, a quick diagnostic consultation with Progressive Medical Center can alert you to these “secret triggers,” so you never have to be bombarded with a surprise headache again.

5. Long-term Treatments

Some headaches are stubborn and repetitive. Simple lifestyle alterations won’t cure everything. For more severe migraines and repetitive headaches, great options are Bio-Electrotherapy and acupuncture. Bio-electrotherapy is a series of electric pulses that mimic the body’s natural rhythm to restore balance. Acupuncture uses targeted areas to increase blood flow to the brain, which greatly reduces frequency and intensity of headaches. A variety of alternative, effective procedures are available at Progressive Medical Center.