Woman with lower gut pain clutching her gut

Gut Health; How to Win the Battle

Conditions of the gut can be disconcerting to life-threatening. Despite conditions such as Crohn’s and Colitis is widespread, as many as 75% of people that have a gut disturbance do not seek treatment for it. These conditions make us more likely to have issues with bone density or even depression, yet root causes for their appearance are not usually sought out. The gut is the largest organ in our body, the size of a tennis court if it were stretched from end to end. If an inflammatory process goes on all over something the size of a tennis court then it is easy to see why the system, in general, would be inflamed. These are not conditions that one must own. In fact, there are many natural ways to reestablish gut health and lower the inflammatory load not only in your gut but throughout your body. By measuring foods you are sensitive to, bad flora is known as “dysbiotic bacteria,” and other offenders of the gut we can figure out why the condition is occurring and change it. Do not feel that you are merely a victim of your gut. Gut health is a battle we can win and is largely responsive to changes we ourselves can make. Gut health is global health, and there are simple steps that can help you to reclaim the health that is yours.