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Hormone Health Nationwide!

A large part of integrative medicine is the community. As an active part of our community, we routinely collaborate with other clinics, share information, and work together to make sure that all our patients have the best information possible. Tonight we welcome one of the top hormone clinics in the country “Balanced Hormones and Health,” from Texas. They join us here in Georgia so that we can learn from each other and continue to improve the quality of integrative medicine everywhere. Hormone health is growing nationally and Progressive is proud to partner with thought leaders everywhere.
Balanced hormone therapy is a type of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that uses hormones identical to those produced by the human body to treat symptoms of menopause and other hormonal imbalances1The theory behind balanced hormone therapy is that it can help restore hormonal balance by replacing hormones that are lost during menopause or other hormonal imbalances12Unlike traditional HRT, which replaces hormones with synthetic versions, balanced hormone therapy uses bioidentical hormones that are chemically identical to those produced by the human body3This approach is considered safer and more effective than traditional HRT because it reduces the risk of side effects4.
There are many natural ways to balance hormones, including eating foods that are enriched with essential fatty acids such as nuts, whole grains, olive oil and omega-3 fish1Consuming fruits that are rich in flavonoids also helps maintain hormone balance1In addition, adding certain supplements and herbs to your diet can help rebalance hormones naturally2.

Other ways to balance hormones naturally include getting enough sleep, avoiding too much light at night, managing stress, exercising regularly, and engaging in other health-promoting behaviors such as meditating and getting enough sleep34.

There are many supplements that can help balance hormones naturally. Some of the best herb and vitamin supplements for natural hormonal balance include magnesium, vitamin D, zinc, B vitamins, iodine, ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea, probiotics, evening primrose oil, black cohosh and vitex12.

Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium which is crucial to hormone balance and support for overall thyroid health3Walnuts are anti-inflammatory and rich in omega-3 fatty acids which promote good brain health3Almonds provide healthy sources of protein3.

These are all ways to help keep your hormones in balance and maintain that state. Many times your system may need to be reset first through hormone replacement. Bioidentical hormone replacement tends to have fewer side effects and be more efficacious than traditional hormone therapy which uses synthetic hormones because of how the bioidentical hormones more closely mimic those in the human body. It’s worth coming into your favorite integrative and functional medicine clinic in Atlanta, Progressive Medical Center to get checked- especially if you’ve been feeling stressed, fatigued, or out of sorts.