Medical help with a checkup

More Than a Checkup

At Progressive Medical Center, we have a team of the most caring, experienced, and qualified Medical and Integrative staff to support you on your health journey.

Our doctors and medical professionals spend MORE TIME WITH YOU than traditional doctors. In fact, we spend 50 minutes on average for your first visit vs. an average of 7 minute doctor visits (according to the CDC). That is a stark difference!

We are delighted that it gives our doctors the chance to listen to you, your health concerns, your lifestyle, and about other factors that affect your health status. This is one of the many things at Progressive that allow us to deliver you better healthcare!

What else makes the Progressive Experience different?

Not only do we have the ability to diagnose more deeply through our medical tests, we also provide the most comprehensive set of healing therapies and nutrition, all under one roof! We have the most comprehensive integrative therapies anywhere in the southeast.

In addition, we have a full staff of nutritionists & registered dietitians to coach you as to how to make your food your medicine. We offer a fully stocked world-class quality nutritional supplement shop on-premises, Progressive Nutracare.