Young African American woman standing outdoors celebrating her health

Progressive Medical Center 2019 Spring Magazine

Welcome to the Spring 2019 Edition of the Progressive Medical Center Magazine!

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Why a magazine? At Progressive Medical Center we are committed to upholding the ideals of  functional and integrative medicine. One of the philosophical cores of those ideals is to treat the whole person in a patient- centered way. We strongly believe that our patients should be educated about their own bodies and how to keep them healthy. During appointments we have dialogs with our patients to help discover their personal health journey and aid us in our diagnoses. If treatment is necessary, we do that in partnership with the patient, making sure they understand every step of the process, and we listen to their feedback.  Outside of appointments, we like to try to keep our patients informed of current health trends, studies, and important medical news. Approaching medicine holistically means paying attention to all modalities of treatment, and making sure patients know their options. It’s our commitment to these principles that sets Progressive Medical Center in Atlanta apart.

We hope you enjoy the magazine!