Doctor holding blue ribbon to support prostate health

Prostate Health, From “Watch and Wait to How to Thrive”

Prostate cancer is something that more than 80% of men will have on autopsy, but only 3% of men die from. This demonstrates that it is common, but not always deadly. Many men when they first receive the diagnosis are given the advice, “Let’s just watch and wait.” However, one does not have to wait and see if their prostate state gets worse. There are natural treatments which can improve outcomes. Dietary changes also can help. Different markers of oxidative stress are also predicative of prostate health and are associated with possibility of progression and aggressiveness. A simple blood test can show if you have the right level of antioxidants to improve prostate health. Prostate health is an invitation to whole person health. By balancing hormones, improving diet, and managing stress real changes can be made.