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Real Stories: The Long Journey of Our Patients

At most times, we reserve this blog for educating about treatments & conditions, information such as new treatments & protocols we offer, and, sometimes, entertaining articles. While none of that is going away, it’s time to spotlight a topic that is even more important than anything mentioned above.

We are beginning a series, in which patients discuss their journey and the role Progressive played in their life. You can read Part 2 of the series here! Besides, we could tell you anything on this website. Our patients, on the flip side, can tell you why they chose Progressive and why you should too.

Success Story #1

Deana G.

Depression, Fatigue & Weight Gain

“I battled hives, depression, fatigueweight gain, and mood swings for approximately 7 years after the birth of my daughter.
I searched for answers in conventional doctors, always telling them I felt there was a hormonal imbalance. Of course, they just gave me useless labels, and told me to eat less and move more.

I heard about Progressive and knew they were going to be expensive since my insurance didn’t cover it (it ended up being about half the cost of what I was expecting; and worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!!

I was at the point where I had gained 16 lbs in 6 weeks on a salad and exercise diet and was falling asleep all the time, even when driving my kids to school.
The doctors immediately knew what was wrong with me (failing adrenals, low thyroid, imbalanced hormones). I cried and was so relieved that a doctor KNEW what was wrong with me and was going to HELP me!! I have been a patient of Progressive for about 4 years now.

The PMC doctors have taken the time to listen and help me heal my adrenals, along with given me supplements for my thyroid and imbalanced hormones. EVERYONE wants to know what happened to me because I effortlessly lost 35 lbs in about 8 weeks (thank you PROGRESSIVE for fixing my thyroid and balancing my hormones which caused the much needed weight loss). I have lost a total of 50 pounds just trying to eat healthy – NO DIETS!

My family is in awe of how much happier I am and shocked at my energy level in comparison to how bad it was before Progressive. My daughter, sister, and dad are all patients at Progressive now, and they have been treated with care and respect as well. I will always be grateful for Progressive Medical Center and the healing that they are helping so many find. THANK YOU PROGRESSIVE!!!”

Success Story #2

Sarah M.

Chronic Back Pain

I had been suffering from sciatica pain for 5 months when I went to Progressive Medical for help. I was taking 12 Advil per day and that was not taking the edge off anymore. I had pain down my leg and throbbing pain in my hip.

One of the Doctors there suggested I should have an MRI done. After determining that I had a herniated disc at L5 and some other degenerating going on in other discs, they suggested that I try Decompression Therapy. They let me know that my condition was very severe. I was willing to try anything to keep from having back surgery.

After 6 visits going to Progressive 3 times a week I started noticing a big difference. I was able to sit through a church service without being in so much pain that I had to stand in the back of the church. I have continued to improve.

Progressive has been there to support me by giving me exercises to strengthen my core and in the beginning to manage my pain with different therapies. I was recently able to sit through a play that my two girls were starring in and that was an amazing feeling. Now after 22 decompression sessions over 11 weeks, my pain level has dropped from an 8 to a 4.

I am not pain-free yet but I’m committed to the process and so thankful for Progressive’s support both physically and emotionally.”

All of us at Progressive Medical Center are thankful for the outcomes seen in these situations. Our passion is utilizing our professional abilities to achieve these types of results for our patients.

If you would like to be a part of this series, send us an email and we’ll contact you to discuss the details of taking your story public!

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Finally, there are many of these stories that we will continue to share. However, we leave you with Part 1 of our video portion of this series “Real Stories: The Long Journey of our Patients”.