Health food surrounding chalkboard that says immune system

The As, Ds, and Cs of Boosting Your Immune Health!

Every time we turn on the news we hear about the constant threats to our immune system. We often wonder how at risk we are, and whether or not certain vaccines will help. The impression given is that we there is no rhyme or reason to who the next virus or epidemic will infect. One piece of the puzzle that is being neglected is the importance of the immune system. There are many ways to stimulate immune response from Vitamins to botanicals.

In fact, many conventional treatments often work better when coupled with natural therapies as they help increase efficacy and decrease resistance. Our own immune system is an untapped defense against a world of ever changing bacteria, viruses and even parasitic infections. Food choices can radically affect our immune response.

Don’t run scared, build your immune defense. Know how to protect yourself in cold and flu system which also decreases your risk of certain chronic conditions as well. Learn what immune markers you should measure to see if your body is ready for this year’s season. Immune health is good overall health and peace of mind and largely aided by your natural arsenal of vitamins, herbs and other lifestyle therapies, all discussed on our show.