Treatment room for Autoimmune conditions at Progressive Medical Center in Atlanta

The Autoimmune Maze of Confusion

This patient story comes from Dometa. She shares a similar story to millions of Americans with autoimmune diseases.

“For four years, I had been dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, weight gain, and
fluid retention. I tried to fight through it, but the last straw was having an amazing vacation in Aruba ruined by foot inflammation on the flight home. A few days later, I wasn’t even able to stand!

After failed rounds with orthopedists, podiatrists, neurologists, and general MDs, my supervisor at
the CDC recommended Progressive Medical Center because they look at all of your bodily systems. Dr. Williford and her team were very patient with me. We worked together to rebuild my immune system naturally, which was rebelling against prescriptions from my traditional doctors and years of poor nutritional habits.

Finally, after an MRI, I was correctly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Although MS is an autoimmune disorder with no cure, we’ve been able to put a plan in place and control it. I’m no longer a pre-diabetic, and my cholesterol has lowered. I’ll likely be able to cut down on treatment injections for my
MS. Progressive’s integrative knowledge of autoimmune disorders like MS, Lyme, R.A., Crohn’s, C.F., and Asthma made all this possible.”

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