Thyroid Health: What You Need to Know- Rethink My Health Podcast Episode 3

On today’s episode of Rethink my Health, Dr. Gez Agolli and Dr. Cheryl Burdette will be talking about thyroid function and discussing the top nutritional strategies to support the thyroid. The team will go over hallmark symptoms of underactive thyroid function, hypothyroidism.  You will learn the difference between clinical and subclinical hypothyroidism and that “in-range” numbers on a thyroid test may mean that a patient still presents with hypothyroid symptoms. You will learn about thyroid hormones and the clinical tests your provider may be using to diagnose thyroid function. The team will discuss pitfalls with standard thyroid testing and how more extensive thyroid testing is often needed to get to the root cause of a thyroid disorder. You will learn the role zinc plays in the conversion of key thyroid hormones. In addition to zinc, the role that B-Vitamins and selenium play in thyroid function is discussed.  The use of the supplement Ashwagandha therapeutically to support overall thyroid function will also be discussed as well as how to incorporate these vitamins and supplements into your daily routine. Thyroid dysfunction can affect your entire well-being. It’s worth it to spend some time knowing why it matters and what solutions there are.