Carmelita Payne

Progressive NutraCare Store Manager

About Carmelita

Carmelita Payne is our manager in the Progressive NutraCare Store. This is where our patients come to purchase products recommended by their medical provider. She has been with Progressive for almost six years. She started as a sales associate in the store, worked for the medical center and is presently working as the store manager. In addition, she holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree with a concentration in Accounting, from the University of Texas in San Antonio.

Carmelita has worked over 15 years in the nutrition arena, including nutrition stores in the Atlanta area.  She owned and operated her own Colon Hydrotherapy Center and has worked towards completing her certification as a Certified Nutritional Consultant (C.N.C.). She is currently a Wellness Advocate with a well-known international essential oil company.

Carmelita is very passionate about nutrition and wellness. She shows patients and customers the caring and attention that they deserve. Her mission is to treat them like family. She laughs with them, prays with them, encourages them and hopes for them.

It is very important to have a manager in the store with nutritional knowledge. It helps the patients feel more comfortable with their new supplements and helps with addressing any questions or concerns.  Carmelita continues to research for creative ideas and new products to improve the health of the NutraCare patients, customers, and others. She goes over and beyond assisting them to reach their full nutritional potential.